Travel Club Benefits – What Are They?

Does this describe you?
You and your family love to vacation. Unfortunately the price attached to the luxury condos and villas are out of your price-range. So, you scour the internet for the best deal you can afford to give your family an amazing time and make memories you hope will last a lifetime. Excitement runs high as you pack your bags, and head off to your destination. Checking into your room, you are slightly disheartened that the room is small, and the bathroom is 20 years out of date. Your room doesn’t face the beach, but instead the road or the small pool outside your window. Your family quickly puts on their swimsuits to head to the beach. Even though your room is small, the decor is outdated, and it doesn’t face the ocean, you are determined to make the most out of your stay. Even so, you secretly long to stay in a 5-star resort villa and to be pampered during your vacation.

Is there a better way?
Did you know that millions of 4 & 5-star villas and timeshare condos sit vacant each week because there simply aren’t enough people to keep them occupied throughout the year? To alleviate this problem, timeshare management corporations and large hotels sell their vacant rooms at pennies on the dollar in large wholesale lots. As an individual consumer, these discounts are simply not available. You must belong to a “club”.

How a Travel Club Works
Since timeshare management and large hotels can’t possibly rent out all of their properties and rooms each week, they offer a large portion of them to “wholesale” clubs so that they can make at least some amount of money on each property. The rest of their properties, they offer at inflated prices to the end consumer…YOU. A good travel club will require a fee to gain access to these wholesale condos and villas. But, the actual price of the properties should not be inflated. In other words, once you join a travel club, you should then have full access to the real prices the travel club has already negotiated for you. Some vacation clubs have several hundred properties to offer their members, and others have tens of thousands.

How should you choose a travel club?

No Yearly Dues: A good travel club will not force its members to pay yearly dues. If you want to pay yearly dues, consider a timeshare.
Cost to join: A reputable travel club will not charge more than $1,000 to join.
The price of a travel club should not vary per person. If one person pays $795 to join, everyone should have to pay $795 to join.
There should be NO Blackout dates. You should have the flexibility to travel any week of the year including holidays and high travel weeks.
There should be no fees whatsoever to be paid to the travel club once you have enrolled. This includes maintenance fees, renewal fees, up-charges, and concierge fees. If there are additional fees of any kind, do not join.
Concierge Desk: A real plus! Some travel clubs offer a full service concierge desk to help you book and search for your next vacation.
No limitations: You should be allowed to travel as much or as little as you like without restrictions of any kind.
4&5-Star Vacation Club Resorts: A good travel club will offer high quality resort and condo accommodations.

How much money can I save using a travel club? How much you save depends largely on how much you travel. You can expect on average to save on average 30-50% per vacation. There are some vacation clubs that offer as much as 80% discounts to their members. Many who join a reputable travel club find that they have made back their enrollment fee after booking their very first vacation